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Sheila is a fiction writer, essayist, and author of the Cow Pasture Chronicles, a blog dedicated to the art of writing. For more information on her publications, visit her website.

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Short Stories - The Rusted Swing Set by Sheila Good

Mabel Earle loved babysitting her granddaughter, Samantha and playing on the swing set was her favorite thing...

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The Rusted Swing Set by Sheila Good - Short Stories

The Rusted Swing Set ?by Sheila Good She folded the morning newspaper. Her old bones creaked as she stood leaning on the table for balance. Shuffling to the sink, she washed out her coffee cup placing it in the drainer. The sun was bright as she pulled the curtain aside...

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Short Short Stories - Short Stories

A little piece about the short short story, and a long long list of many short shorts. Take a look at our recap of the short short stories we have published on our site....

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1000 Greatest Short Stories of all time

Here is our list of the 1000 Greatest short stories of all time. We hope you will help us complete this list. We need your help......

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The Nephew Nature Trail by Marianne MacRae - Every Day Poems

A cartoonish stop, your magpie eye caught...

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Top 107 Contemporary Short Fiction Writers - Every Writer

Here are 107 contemporary short fiction writers I feel you should read. I’ve looked around the web, and I didn’t see a large list of short story writer recommendations. I would really like to add to this list. I have picked contemporary  short story writers who are “the best” of...