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Sheila is a fiction writer, essayist, and author of the Cow Pasture Chronicles, a blog dedicated to the art of writing. For more information on her publications, visit her website.

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Another Look at Commas | COW PASTURE CHRONICLES

Commas are the bane of my writing existence. It’s amazing how one tiny, squiggly, thingamajig (okay, punctuation mark) can create such havoc. If you don’t believe me consider the following:

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Opening Lines- The Good, Bad, and Ugly | COW PASTURE CHRONICLES

Aw, the elusive, perfect opening line. It’s the most important line of your book. If you can’t grab the reader’s interest from the beginning, all the gnashing of teeth, hair pulling, and hard work will have been time wasted; much like watching the news.

Maybe next time2 article

Maybe Next Time is Live | COW PASTURE CHRONICLES

After what feels like nine months of labor - my short story collection is here!

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It’s Almost Here! | My first short story collection - Maybe Next Time!

One hundred voices vol iii article

News and A Special Offer from the Cow Pasture! | COW PASTURE CHRONICLES

Good News from Cow Pasture Chronicles!
One Hundred Voices Volume Three is now available for pre-order in a limited edition hardcover format from Centum Press.